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Tulips, tulips, tulips ...

Whenever I hear the word 'tulip' (as singular or plural) I always think of the late Kemal Sunal's catchphrase "Tulips, tulips, tulips, tulips, tulips, tulips ..." As the 7th annual Tulip festival drew near, I made plans to uphold my annual tradition of going to see the tulips on Emirgan woods.  But, on almost every weekend this April, be it because of the weather or something else, I was unable to go. 
This past weekend we eventually did go to see the tulips (in their dying days)
Winding in and out of stop-start trafficş we eventually arrived as the eevening was beginning to draw in.  My husband took charge of the buggy and my friend Poppy and I wandered behind, chatting along the way. 
We took some beautiful photos by the fountain before our stomachs called out for food.  As we made our way to the delicious wafts of food coming from the restaurant we paused amongst the flowers for more photos. A lot of the tulips were withered and battered, the camera lens was able to catch some great shots anyway. 
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It's good to have Yonca

Many times since Yonca's birth,  I have felt myself repeat that: "It's good that you are here, my dear girl, we're really lucky". For me, this is particularly pertinent. Of course, every day that I spend with my daughter is great, but today was something else!
It's been very difficult since leaving university to find time me and I my friends to find time to meet like we used to.  Work life, married life and not least motherhood...the list of obstacles in our way goes on.  We have always want to meet up, but there has always been something which has stood in our way.  Today however,  thanks to the organisation skills of Aslı, we finally suceeded:  Gulşah, Bahar, Aslı and I finally met up for the first time since leaving university.  Two to three weeks before our planned meeting we began counting down the days, but time really flew anyway.
Together with Yonca, I set off for Aslı's in Kurtköy.  Although Kurtköy is a bit out in the stix and far from the city centre where we live, the clean air and quiet were a welcome change.  Unfortunately, we were a little late and by the time we arrived the other mothers had already started chatting.  
Aslı's daughter, Ferahnaz and Gülşah's daughter Defne are only a few days apart in age and the same goes for Yonca and Bahar's daughter, Zeynep Duru. Not surprisingly, all conversation turned to the subject of motherhood and our children.  With Aslı's delicious Kısır and Gülşah's delicious cheesecake waiting for us, we made our way to the dinner table. 
The little ones started to bond; playing amongst themselves and with them getting on so well we mothers really had nothing to worry about.  As Einstein's theory indeed goes, time went by in a flash! Given that I had arrived later than the others and had no other pressing appointments for the day, I decided to stay longer and chat with Aslı.  And Yonca took full advantage of Ferahnaz's empty cot!
I hadn't socialized in this way for a long time and the feeling of being with friends in this way after such a long time was really great.  And who do I have to thank for this?  For bringing us together again?  My little Yonca...
Thanks again to Aslı for her hospitality - both Yonca and I are really looking forward to the next meeting!

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