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R.I.P. Tracy Hogg

After Yonca's 2 month check-up, our doctor recommended having a routine for sleeping. After some attempts at leaving her to cry, I couldn't go on with that solution. The doctor's recommendation was to make her ready for sleep and then put her into the cradle, so she would learn to sleep on her own. We used a dim red light and classical music to help in this routine.

I couldn't start a sleep routine for Yonca until her third month and asked the doctor for advice again. She said that it isn’t a big deal if she doesn't sleep while she is stil being breastfed. But this answer didn't satisfy me at all.

One of my friends, Dilara, suggested that I should actually start getting Yonca into a routine. The idea of her sleeping on her own began to totally play on my mind and I’d ask myself, for example, whether she would sleep at home the next day when I wasn’t at home? Although I had these concerns, my husband didn't like the idea of letting her cry until she slept. So I needed to find an alternative method. At that moment I found Tracy Hogg's pick up- put down technique. I read a brief description on the internet and in order to learn it in detail, I bought Tracy Hogg's book.
I waited until I had recovered from my heavy flu before I spent time on this sleeping method. On the first day I started trying to get her to sleep at noon. After a struggle of 45 minutes, Yonca fell asleep with swollen eyes. Even though her sleep lasted only 30 minutes, at the next try I got her to sleep on her own after 15 minutes. Using this method in the evening was a lot easier.

After two more hard days of this situation, my daughter and I got used to this new habit. Despite receiving negative feedback from some of our elders, I continued to use this sleeping method.

In the end Yonca learnt to sleep on her own at night, but still we have some problems during the day. Instead, my daughter has got used to my mum's sleeping methods and now she can sleep on her lap or in her cradle.

I really appreciate Tracy Hogg's sleeping technique.

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